Begins today this blog at Global Innovo in which publish articles, opinions and comments concerning innovation


Innovation is, in short, modify any aspect of business running for greater income. Therefore, innovation has to be an ongoing activity, not only in times of difficulty, as it is the best strategy for success, and must be applied even before iniciate our business, our company or our StartUp.

From this blog we will share tips, tutorials, news, links and anything that could help you to apply innovation in your business, whatever you live, whatever size of your business.

This is a place for collaboration and participation, under a copyleft license that allows copying and editing content while respecting the authorship. We all learn every day, but for that we need as a community, as allies, as congeners.

Innovation is not only good for our business, it is also good for society in general. And we have a commitment to it. It is not allowed all.

Welcome to your innovation space, welcome to the Global Innovo Blog.