Finding the right name for a product or service is crucial for brand positioning. And like for everything real important you need a professional for it

Ful is one of this professionals that explains all about the naming at his blog ‘The Ful’s Word’ .

I want a name

When a customer comes in and says «I need a name for my product, to my brand. I want you to invent a name»… What you’re really asking us?

First it asks us to be different, more or less sound, more or less easy to remember or pronounce. Here we discuss uniqueness. It is the baptism of the product, the service, the brand that makes it unique. Distinct from the others. A name that will print for life.

Such is the importance of naming that if we kill the product, just enough to be renamed. It would become another product.

And second, we ask that the name means something to the target audience or market you are targeting. That just by naming it, talk about the essence and benefits of the product. We speak of the adjective, of character. We talked about significance. In what denotes and connotes a name. Cultural content that carries a name.

Between these two extremes, the uniqueness and significance, we find opposite directions: the originality and banality.

Nombre. Ful. Fulgencio Cerrajero

Original names, which in themselves do not mean anything, like Ariel, Lagarto, Leroy y Merlin, Ferrari and many others. And at that time, its own history, or investment in advertising has given them loads of character and significance, a posteriori.
Banal little unusual but a great deal of immediate significance, easy to understand and locate, as Maderas Fresno, Relojería Tic Tac, Armadura Toledo … names. Its distinctive feature must be añadírselo later, with demonstrations and experiences that meet the target audience, so that gives a differential value.

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Fulgencio Cerrajero is a freelance Creative Writer. Exerts its activity collaborating and supporting clients, Creative Studies, Agencies and Producers.


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